Places of interest

ARON guesthouse is situated in the beautiful area of Jizerské Mountains and town Smržovka.

Smržovka is situated in the valley of Smržovka creek and Kamenice river. In the south there are forests Černá studnice and Muchov, in the north there are Bukové Mountains.

Smržovka is a city which is a part of protected landscape area Jizerské Mountains and part of Euroregion Nisa. Jizerské and Lužické mountains create natural border between Czech, Germany and Poland.

Thank to many indicated hiking trails, tourists have opportunities to get to know these northern Czech mountains in detail. Mountain paths go through state natural reservations.

An interesting feature of this city is undoubtedly Railway viaduct or Church of St. Archangel Michael. It is also possible to visit Museum of Armoured Technology

There are many other interesting places, that you can visit.

Černá studnice – located 2,5 km from our guesthouse

Bramberk – observation tower (9km)

Excursion areal Pěnčín is another place of interest, there is a goat farm with cheese degustation and train ride

Bobsleigh in Janov nad Nisou – great attraction for everyone regardless age ( 13 km)

For those who like nature:

Waterfalls in Jedlový důl (13km)

Blatný Pond (Rybník Blatný) (17km)

Water reservoir Souš(16km) and Josefův Důl (12km)

If you prefer relaxing in summer, there are several swimming pools:

Swimming pool Lučany – in nature (7km)

Swimming pool Tanvald (7km)

Jablonec Reservoir Mšeno – sandy and grassy beaches, possibility of water sports

Other interesting places:

Glass and Jewelery Museum – Jablonec nad Nisou (9km)

Liberec City

Zoo Liberec (27km)

Botanic Garden Liberec (27km)

Dinopark Liberec (26km)

Aquapark Centre Babylon (24km)

Ještěd (32km)